PSA for the people upset by “Colifer”




When we use “Colifer”, we are talking about the FRIENDSHIP between JMo and Colin. I have never, ever seen a CSer or Oncer shipping them romantically. We use Colifer as a broship name, NOT a romantic ship.





You know why I absolutely love this moment?

Because Emma is upset. She misses her family, she misses her home and she’s crying. And she’s heartbroken because she thinks she’ll never see them again. And yet, the moment Hook smiles at her she just can’t help but smile back.

He makes her feel good, even in the worst moments. He’s there for her, he lifts her up. And Emma hasn’t had that before in her life, not before Henry. Not someone who stuck around. And he just makes her smile with one look even while she’s crying. 

And Hook? Hook is happy because Emma’s admission of home brought back her magic. It made her whole again and he loves that. He wants the best for her because she means the world to him. And he hasn’t had that in a very long time, someone to love and care about and be proud of. And he’s just so proud of her, so in awe of her all the time he can’t help but smile when she succeeds, even if it’s while she’s sad. Because he knows her admitting that Storybrooke, that Henry and Snow and Charming are her family and her home, was a big deal for her. And that allowed her magic to come back. And that will allow her to go home. 

These two just make my heart melt in moments like this. It’s so quiet, so little. A smile for a smile. And they can’t help it. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.